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welp im taking forever and a half finishing this fanart of the billion years war from Venturiantale, also I have some other venturiantale arts i need to upload, BUUUUUUT ImmortalKyodai's birthday is coming up. Is there any other major characters of hers that I missed in this drawing? 
  Happy Birthday Immortal!!! by ShoobaQueen 
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i usually dont do tags becos i dun like them but watevr
i hav so many tagged thing i need to catch up on

tagged by ZealousZealot77
1) What's your favorite medium? (favorite art technique. Pencil, pastels, clay work, etc.)

Prismacolor pencils

2)Any favorite OC?
I love all my OCs way too much

3) cats or dogs? (DOGS ARE COOL BUT CATS RULE!! -Zealot, 2017)
I luv them all tho ;-;

4) so... ya got any creepypasta favorites?
Sally Acachalla?

I hate them both I choose water

6) Top five songs? (or bands if ya have too many favorite songs.)
Owl City
all the Owl City

7) what do ya think will happen to ya when ya die? (optional question)
Imma go to the Celestial Kingdom, hopefully

8) what's your favorite deviation that you've made?
this one, i suppose
GIF FrogMonkey Rounds by ShoobaQueen

9) favorite color?? I'm running out of ideas.

10) who's your favorite deviant?
my sis AnneBird 

11) on a scale of one to Salvador Perez, how happy are you today? (search it if ya don't understand.)

12) what country are you currently in? (optional question)

13) HALO OR COD? ( HAAAAALLLLOOOO THREEEEEEEE!!!!!! .... and COD black ops 2 zombies...)
These words mean nothing to me

also tagged by GhostFanGirl101
Do you like Undertale?
some of it

If you could have 4 superpowers, what would they be?
to make my drawing temporarily come to life, to turn invisible, telepathy, and to have No Anxiety

I know it's cliche, but... Favorite Youtuber?
Venturiantale, obviously

What's something I can improve on with any of my art?
uhhhh. keep practicing and practicing. Look at references.

Favorite color?
purple. again!
If you've listened to the Undertale soundtrack in it's entirety like I have, what's you're favorite song from it? (You can also go listen now, but it's around 2 hours long.)

Do you have Twitter? If so, What's your username?

Quotev! Do you have it?
idk wat that is

Favorite Game?
Chameleon of Pasta

Do you talk to yourself?
PSHSHH PFF WAAAAT NOOoooo maybe NO I talk to the PEOPLE
that you
they're only in MY head. ANd my sisters.

Favorite movie?
Newsies, 1992, and Ransom of Red Chief, 1998

What's your lucky number?

taggin that person right there, the one who wants to be tagged

wait im supposed to ask questions i thinkj

what do you want

whats your fav thing to draw

do you still love your stuffed animals

are you currently sitting?

what about pinecones>

Can you sing the alpabet backwards?

How many questions am I supposed to ask?

Can you tell how tired I am?

whats your favorite hippo

are you a chicken made of watermelon?
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click de link if you want
i animated 15 seconds of something aren't you proud of meSnif..Is Beautiful..Onion 
that's not even the one i said I would animate this week. that one is still unfinished because laziness and distractions...

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I'm actually drawing quite a bit, but it's mostly either spoilers or else it's the characters that I don't post on DA!:unseedance: 
so, sorry! I have a half-finished animation that I'm gonna try to finish by some time next week, but no promises! 

you can be mad if you want, but it wont change anything :/
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It'll make things waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier if everyone who has fanart of Smiler, Pompous, Spaz or Wrath to please submit them to :iconshoobaqueen-comics: in the Prism Art folder :D thank youu!
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I'm thinking I wanta merge my two groups, Smiler-Pompous-Spaz and ShoobaQueen-Comics . So it'll just be :iconshoobaqueen-comics: .
that cool with everybody?
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:happybounce: Huggle! Giggle :o (Eek) PARTY HARD :happy birthday: Professor Party Cheerleader :shuffelin: Caramel dansen emote :excited: X3 Emote :eeeee: :Squee: Squee for Hardrockangel Squee emoticon 


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so you all have probably noticed, that I've had some serious art block lately. I've been rough drafting Deadlife for a few weeks, but the past few days I've been feeling pretty braindead. I tried to animate something, but pixlr editor online doesn't accept my stylus anymore, so I have to find a new way to animate. T^T

Anywho! I decided to do just a few ask OC thingies to keep my head up and running, also to post some things. You can ask "What why when will who" or whatever to anybody in here… It can be about their design or character creation if you want :P But leave the questions on this journal. I will probably NOT ANSWER ALL the questions, just the ones I feel like doing or something idk. :D
Thank you!
~Shooba :P

first lot of questions;  Q and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by ShoobaQueen second lot of questions;  Q and Aaaa ha haaaaaaa 2 by ShoobaQueen Third;  Hammy QnA by ShoobaQueen Fourth;  QandA 4 by ShoobaQueen fifth;  QnA the Meta Question by ShoobaQueen
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dis is Duckweed, de beaver goose. She is now animated~!!!!!!!!!!
Duckweed is owned by me and Starbotcar , who did the voice! :D YEEY
you guys are awesome and fantastic and dont let anybody tell you otherwise because you are great and have the potential to do ANYTHING you set your minds to. i beleive in youuuuuu
  Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Hug 

also here's a very good song to hear:
why haven't i been posting art much lately?

It's because I'm a terrible person, guys.
:unentertained: :stayawake: 
So, I know just yesterday i wrote the journal about my animating issues, but fear not! It has been.... temporarily resolved? I still dont have actual animation equipment, BUT I get new batteries for my weird stylus! So I can do the kind of GIFs and stuff I did before (by drawing panels on pixlr editor online and putting them together on or windows movie maker)
I'm not gonna animate anything big yet. Maybe just a few GIFs and digital arts :D
sorry i haven't been posting very much lately, guys! I tried to get something done for, like, a 900 watcher special, but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaduiosfgk;bjhlseadz EVERYTHING is glitching out and I can't even do simple digital doodles anymore, much less a specail post. ;-;
also i havent been doing a ton of traditional art, because, idk why. I'm just having a bit of a hard time in real life over here... Haven't really felt inspired to do a lot of it i guess. I'm sorry.

Hopefully soon AnneBird and I will get stuff figured out so that I can do more digital art and animation~!! Heart Heart Heart  when that happens, I hope to start animating videos of my own creation, instead of just VenturianTale Fanimations. Not all of them are about my OCs... some of them are just random :)

anyways, hopefully I'll be back to posting soon! till then, keep arting!! Heart La 
i took a few hours yesterday to animate this

it would have taken less time and/or been better quality, but glitchy stylus and stoof :/

My big brother is awesome, he deserves subscibers more than I do! Go watch this video of him!
here's his entire channel;…
:stayawake:i just feel like i need to give all of you hugs right now, cos you people are all so awesome and supportive and patient with me 

Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug hug Hug  :bademoticon:
Not really! But I AM back home after 2 crazy weeks of running around! happy tears of joy I've missed home SOOOOO much! 

the adventure's not over yet, though! because we brought a number of cousins home with us after the family reunion and tomorrow we're going to one of my cousins wedding reception party thing! They 99% likely will have food there, so that's good!

......unfortunately, i think i left my art stylus at my cousin (from the other side of the family)'s house when i went to an art camp. so no digital art and animation until i get that back, ;-;

but on the upside! i got new glasses today as well! My last pair vanished out of reality on the 4th of july, like, 25 days ago. So I can see properly again now! :D

also, Roseofhybrids has been doing this amazing thing that i always kinda wanted to do but never really got around to (i doubt i ever would get around to it) 
SHE'S COLORED SEVREAL PAGES OF MY OLD COMIC, SPACIES! so you should check them out even though most people dont actually even notice/know about that old comic (a comic of which i should probably continue, but i have so many projects right now)
Spacies part 1 (colored) by Roseofhybrids  Spacies part 2 (colored) by Roseofhybrids  Spacies part 3 (colored) by Roseofhybrids
the art and writing is so old, but she made them look alright!!!!! ;w;
and now im going straight from the babysitting house to a family reunion

many many hours in an overstuffed 15 seater STEALTH VAN  but even the stealthiest of Stealth Vans can get tiresom when its full of sisters, parents, aunts and cousins for many many hours while you go someplace and im not even sure if we're camping or going to someone's house but we're going and i wanna go home cos im a week behind on the Oblivion Tale episodes and now im gonna be two weeks behind! :( I just wanna go home, hide in my room, and drawwwwww T^T

sorry 4 babbling

wish me luck!

Love you all!
So! Art camp is over, it was FANTASTIC, i got ice cream at the end. <3 We did weird and cool things like painting on black cloth with bleach, making out own paper, painting, sketching our dramatically posing teachers using a stick we found outside dipped in printer ink, and other crazy and fun things like that! :D 

So now it's over, i went straight from art camp to THESE KIDS HOUSE I'VE MISSED THEM SOO SOSOSOSOSO MUCH
Pixie Animation by ShoobaQueen Child's Axolotl by ShoobaQueen BabysittingjkjmbbcfvcvfdwxsnNSWDSDDS D VVBD VH BM,V  ,JC,G FML icfdjlfcjlgfr8ew94et, 'BB    cj              ccccccm m,f  m,g mvf,h ymm, m, m, m, m, mhfv           cc ccdg
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Cuteness on the Move by ShoobaQueen
so I'll be babysitting them for a few days now! :D

(I got a bloody lip from their violent love and hugs already, and i haven't actually started babysitting them yet >w< )

(also the baby brother can say my name now!! EEE! )
I'm going to a college art camp for a week! I'll probably have internet access, but if i'm not online you'll know why!